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Premium Compost

Premium, STA-certified 100% recycled content from locally sourced in New Jersey, including yard waste like leaves and grass. A great soil amendment perfect for planting media or a variety of options.

Our Premium compost increases the organic matter in soil and replenishes the soil microbes responsible for nutrient uptake and improving water management. SoilBuilder is rich in both macro- and micro-nutrients, giving plants a well-balanced diet.

McGill SoilBooster is a versatile product designed to meet a range of needs. Use it as a soil amendment or top-dressing in lawn and garden, or as a component of soil blends and on-site manufactured topsoil.

Applications include:

Application &
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New Lawns: Apply a 1-2” layer of McGill GardenState Premium Compost to soil and incorporate to a 4-6” depth. Apply seed or sod, then rake and water. 

Topdressing:  Core aerate the turf making 4-5 passes over the area to be topdressed, then apply a ¼” to ½” layer of McGill GardenState Premium Compost standard topdressing equipment or apply by hand. Rake or back-drag the compost into the turf canopy and core holes. Seed, if necessary, and water. 

Topsoil Manufacturing/Upgrading: Mix 1-part compost with 2-3 parts existing or purchased soil, blend uniformly. Specific application rate depends on soil quality and planted vegetation.

Native Soil Garden/ Vegetable Beds: Apply a 1-2” layer to soil and incorporate to a 4-6” depth. Condition soil this way every 1-2 years, or as recommended per soil test analysis. 

 Raised Garden/Vegetable Beds: Incorporate compost into 25%-50% native soil to provide structure for planting. Water thoroughly and reapply each year, or as per soil test recommendations.

Trees & Shrubs: Dig a hole the same depth as root ball and at least 2-3 times as wide. Mix 1-part compost with 2 or 3 parts of soil obtained from the planting hole. Place the tree or shrub in the planting hole and apply amended soil around the root ball. Tamp the backfilled soil & water.

Pre-plant: evenly apply 4 to 8 tons per acre, then incorporate into the soil.

Topdress|No-till: apply to soils over entire field or concentrated in the planting rows. Application rate will be based on soil test results. 

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After calculating how much compost you need, please contact us to purchase your material and to set up pickup or delivery.

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Ingredients: 100% recycled content, including (but not limited to) Vegetative Waste as approved by the NJDEP: Brush, Leaf, Grass, Tree parts, Stumps, Clean wood, Wood chips.

Testing: This compost product meets or exceeds all standards for classification as an EPA Exceptional Quality (EQ) compost, suitable for unrestricted end use. It has been sampled and tested as required by the Seal of Testing Assurance Certification Program of the United States Composting Council (USCC), using certain methods from the “Test Methods for the Examination of Compost and Composting” manual. Test results are available upon request by calling McGill Environmental Systems Inc. at 919-362-1161. The USCC and McGill makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, concerning the product, the results to be obtained from the use of this product, and/or generally accepted application procedures and precautions, including no implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.