Rer supply + McGill

building on a legacy

In 2021, McGill Environmental took charge of operations at RER Supply with an air of confidence. Armed with over 30 years of experience in the production of top-tier soil and premium compost, the McGill team is poised to take RER Supply to new heights.


origins date back to 1996

RER Supply's humble beginnings in 1996 stemmed from a family-owned landscaping business that recognized the potential in the burgeoning New Jersey topsoil market. Through hard work, a commitment to quality, and an unwavering focus on service excellence, the company evolved into a trusted topsoil and mulch supplier in Riverdale, NJ by 2004. Since then, RER Supply has emerged as a local industry leader, specializing in the recycling of vegetative waste and the manufacturing and marketing of mulch, compost, and soil products, leveraging sustainable practices. With four strategically located sites in New Jersey, RER Supply serves as collection, processing, and retail hubs. By sustainably recycling local green waste and other organic materials from commercial generators, municipalities, and service companies, RER Supply transforms these resources into eco-smart and earth-friendly landscape products. These high-quality products, available in bulk quantities, cater to a diverse clientele, including landscape contractors, independent garden centers, contracting companies, and homeowners. Experience the difference of RER Supply's environmentallyconscious solutions for your landscaping needs.

In 2021, RER Supply underwent a change in ownership as McGill Environmental, with over 30 years of experience in the development of eco-friendly and organic material, took over operations. McGill Environmental implements advanced composting techniques, including the use of modified aerated static pile systems, across its seven other facilities, ensuring soil enrichment and sustainability. By composting a diverse range of organic residuals sourced exclusively from contracted providers, McGill guarantees consistency and adherence to regulatory standards. Leveraging computerized systems, McGill precisely controls environmental factors like temperature, moisture, and oxygen to foster biodiversity and optimize the biodegradation process to promote healthy, rich soil. RER now offers compost products under the rebranded names McGill's GardenState Premium Compost and McGill SoilBooster Premium Compost Blend, providing high-quality compost and mulch options for soil enrichment. These products have received the US Composting Council's Seal of Testing Assurance Certification, signifying their quality and effectiveness. Experience the eco-friendly advantages and organic soil enrichment with RER Supply's compost and mulch solutions.

McGill Premium Compost

advancing soil

The use of compost in soil bioremediation is a crucial approach for enhancing soil health and soil enrichment. It involves harnessing the power of organic and sustainable materials, such as mature and cured compost, which contains beneficial microorganisms capable of sequestering or breaking down contaminants in water or soil. McGill, with its expertise in creating compost blends, offers tailored solutions to meet project specifications in soil bioremediation. These compost blends play a vital role in restoring contaminated sites to their pre-contamination condition, enabling successful revegetation and stabilization of treated soil. Additionally, the utilization of compost-blended soils aids in improving water retention and minimizing erosion. McGill's compost-soil remediation blends provide essential soil conditioning and nutrients necessary for a wide range of vegetation, making them suitable for various applications, including landscaping, athletic fields, golf courses, and agriculture. Embrace the effectiveness of compost and blended compost products in achieving sustainable soil remediation and fostering healthy, thriving ecosystems.